No setup fee
Full access to Cloud environment
Basic support
Sync to cloud database
User management
Ecommerce management
1 app token and hash per account

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$ 200/m

No setup fee
Full access to all interfaces
Basic support
Sync to production database
User management
Ecommerce management
Affiliate management
Unlimited app tokens
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$ 2000/m

Setup fee $5,000
Full access to all interfaces
Extended support
Sync to production database
User management
Ecommerce management
Affiliate management
Unlimited app tokens
Full branding
Additional transaction fee may apply

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

What is The Coriunder service?

Coriunder is a payment gateway turned into a user management system, our system allows you to manage your customers, merchants, affiliates and banking partners from one backend solution.
Take control of your users from onboarding to the day to day activity.

What can I build with the Coriunder service?

The Coriunder backend manages users in general with added value to the ecommerce and fintech verticals - you are not limited to any type of app or service. need additional tools? You can use our API to to spec your own module to add to the Coriunder backend.

What if I want to change plans?

We are here for you when you grow - once you are ready to move to the next phase, contact support and we will get the process going as soon as possible.

What is the SandBox plan?

Our "SandBox" plan is meant for all developers, experienced and beginners, solo or teams - Start developing your app's MVP and don't hassle yourself with the backend system.
After our kickoff session we will give you a token to access our Cloud API so you can start building your app - you can build a working version of your app to show off to your friends or investors. once you want to officially launch your Beta you can upgrade your plan and the only thing you will have to do is to replace the URL for the service.

What happens to my data while in the SandBox plan?

While on the SandBox plan you are connected to our Cloud environment which means you are "playing" with test data - all users that have been created on the Cloud environment stay in the Cloud environment. When you start your Beta all of the data will stay with you.

What is the Beta plan?

The Beta plan is here for when you reach the point you are ready to start onboarding new users and get their feedback on your app.
In this stage we will move the services to your own domain so your clients will see you when they use the service but a "Powered by Coriunder" logo will appear on all interfaces.

What is the Launch plan?

The Launch plan is here for the time you are fully ready to go live with your app or service. at this stage we remove all "Powered by Coriunder" branding and setup all the configurations needed for you to run at scale.

Can I use Coriunder to start my own PSP (Payments Service Provider)?

The short answer is YES, since Coriunder is a payment gateway you can start your own PSP company in no time.
We are PCI level 1 certified, and given that you will be using a white label of our technology, the road to your own certification is short.
Use one of our available integrations or bring your own provider and we will do the integration - the system support "Payment optimization" , which means it will route the transaction to the best provider according to where the card was issued and more.
We support settlement management, wire transfer and more.

Other questions?

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